Inspire Proudly Offers Eminence Organic Skin Care and Kevin Murphy Hair Care Products

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KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available, KEVIN.MURPHY products provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home, while always remaining kind to the environment.

Eminence Organic Skin Care uses the finest natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients to provide you with the best organic skin care products in the market today.

OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with our patented single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Once all the hair bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair.

Keune is a third-generation family-owned global company located in Soest, Netherlands. They source the highest quality ingredients and manufacture their products with you in mind. Their color, care, styling, and grooming products are designed for all people and hair types.